Woodcarving gems

Today the weather turned really cold again due to a cold spell from the north east. So our outdoor activities were transformed into a drive towards the east. We ended up in Bavaria, as a result of my Google Maps quest to find little hidden gems to have lunch. We ended up in a very little village and then found the “Bayerischen Stube” and had great Schnitzel and Beer for a very good price. But the greatest surprise was when we walked back to my car. Someone had put a lot of work and also detail into woodcarving. The whole garden fence was full of it. These two faces were however the best ones: an old man, with a bit of arrh, that pirate feeling. The best was however this Indian, native American  Chief.

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Happy Sunset Avenue

It’s just before that time of the year where the clocks change into summertime again here in Germany. I’m enjoying the pink sunsets while it lasts 🙂

Pink sunset with a few naked trees on top of the hill
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Hello world!

It’s been a while that I’ve been here. Actually, I’ve always been here on the interwebs but not active anymore on my own blog. Hence a restart of my blog, saturated with pictures, showing bits and pieces of what I like and what I think about. Let’s see where it grows into.

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